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Illex Runner Blade, a must for Seabass fishing?

In this publication I present to you one of the most effective and easy to use lures for the beginning of the Seabass season and all the species fond of metal (e.g., horse mackerel, mackerel, wrasse, pollack).

Illex Runner Blade 115 Secret Iwashi

Which model, how to use it, in what area?

The Runner Blade from Illex is a metal blade that has been on the market for a few years. First produced in 115mm (31 grams) and then a smaller and lighter second version, in 90mm (23 grams). You can find them around €15 depending on your dealer or website.

This fishing is especially fun as the catch is easy because we are constantly in contact with the other end of the line. The vibration of the blade is felt through the rod providing reassurance when you are a beginner angler with perpetual contact. In addition, it is like a missile to launch, even against the wind, which allows the fishermen to explore large areas or reach distant hunts. This advantage in throwing will allow beginners to throw efficiently and reach unattainable areas with the lure, and thus catch more fish. Once the keys are obtained, it is very easy to make them with the Runner Blade. It’s a continuous linear fishing with a stretched banner, so it’s just a small movement with the wrist. The strokes are so violent on the blade that the fish are directly hooked up most of the time. Be careful, on small fish do not make large movements or you risk damaging the jaw of the fish.

I keep the 115mm Runner Blade for boat or kayak fishing because I don’t have enough depth in my areas.

I opt for the small model (90mm) when the depth is greater than three meters because the risk of losing the blade in the water on a bottom of rocks or laminar, is too high. The 90 is perfect when the predators are on small prey and the fishing of the day is played on a small lure with strong vibrations, in order to call the fish from afar. It is possible to adapt to the action of the day, thanks to the two holes present on the top of the Runner Blade. The hole closest to the head will be excellent when fishing takes place on shallow areas or plateaus. The other will be very useful for looking for fish in deeper areas. I keep my rod high with fairly fast recovery in a continuous linear motion. So, I carry out efficient power fishing so I can detect quickly active fish areas throughout the season. This is a significant advantage, we launch many times, so there is the feeling of practicing a very active fishing. I also noticed its efficiency when fishing in kayak in areas of running water, so I throw against the flow in order to reduce my recovery speed and to fish for a longer duration in an area with a rock head or other structure likely to gather fish.

Find the right color

In my area I will opt all season for the color Pink Iwashi at dawn as well as at dusk. On the other hand in the day, I will adapt according to the forage present at the edge and therefore choose between two colors: the Secret Iwashi for oily forage like sardines and the Anchovy for a strong presence of lanyards on the coast. I particularly appreciate the colors emitting strong flashes of light at each vibration of the blade, this adds some days, a real plus to this blade.

From left to right: Secret Iwashi, Anchovy and Pink Awash

Of course, you have to adapt your color selection according to your area, the foliage, the targeted species and the weather. In addition, there are 4 new colors this year to meet all requests and all conditions.

Birman White

A point to emphasize, on the color, is that it’s not uncommon for the paint to crumble as a result of repetitive contact with rocks. However, if your area is sandy the painting will last much longer. But a point not to be overlooked, even a damaged and colorless Runner Blade will make you catch fish when the brightness is high enough. But in dark weather or at night, when there is sometimes a need for visual detection by the fish, the colors make a large difference.

Which rod for the Runner Blade?

The two blades are usable on MH power rods or 10-45g, with a rod too light the fishing comfort is not optimal because it will pull too much on the rod and it will pull on your wrist. And over a long session this can be very unpleasant. Thanks to suitable material you will always feel the vibrations, which can reassure, but they will be much less unpleasant.

If you wish, many brands have developed superb rods designed for power fishing! I am currently using the Illex The artist Dark Elf 275MH, and that's a perfect fit.

A sea bass caught with the Runner Blade 90 secret iwashi

It is totally possible to make beautiful catches only with the Runner Blade. But sometimes it will serve as a detector of active areas and then you can refine your fishing. Its versatility will entice many anglers, beginners, and experienced fisherman. Either by boat, kayak or on a board it can be a key element to not miss your sessions.

I discovered this lure thanks to an article by Gaël Even on his blog. I can only advise you to read it (it’s in French). There are other uses for the ILLEX Runner Blade like vertical fishing for pollacks, but this is not my area of expertise.

Here is a video about this topic:

Enjoy fishing with the Illex Runner Blade! Don't hesitate to contact me on instagram @pierre_wunderbar

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